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What are Pension Plans, Do I Need One? (vs 401k)

A pension plan is a form of retirement plan offered to employees by an employer. This type of plan pays the employee a previously set income at the time the employee retires. This income is usually based upon how long the employee worked for the company. Pension plans are less and less common as more […]

Retirement Planning 101: A Guide to Saving for the Future

Many of us know that retirement planning is important, and the basic concept of it seems pretty simple. When it comes down to getting serious about it, retirement planning can become overwhelming. Most Americans between the ages of 40 and 60 have less than $100,000 set aside for their golden years as reported by a […]

8 Basic and Important Steps of the Accounting Cycle

When it comes to accounting there are 8 basic steps that are followed in an accounting-cycle. This is good to know not just for bookkeepers, but those that own and operate a business. A basic understanding of how accounting is operated will allow you to know what things should be done, a general practice for […]

Federal Tax Deadlines for 2021 (Tax Filing Season Begins Feb. 12)

Most adult Americans know or refer to April 15 th as tax day. While April 15 th is technically the official cut off to turn in your previous year’s tax report to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), if that day falls on a weekend or holiday the deadline is extended for everyone to the next […]

Multop & Associates and Clarity Tax Management PS Merges with Hilsinger & Company

We are pleased to announce that we have completed a merger with Clarity Tax Management PS and Multop Financial. We are excited about the opportunity to work with their team of professional Tax Specialists, Certified Public Accountants, Business Advisors, and Financial Planners. Our offices in Skagit Valley and the San Juan Islands will continue to […]

Should You Switch Up Your Savings Plan Due to New Saving Interest Rates

The Federal Reserve has signaled that lower interest rates could be coming in the future, this has some Americans wondering if they should make changes to where their savings accounts are stored. None of this news should cause anyone to make radical changes to where their life savings are being held, but if you have […]

Options for Passing Your Family Home Down to Your Children

It is not uncommon to want to pass a home full of fond family memories down to your children and keep it in the family for future generations to enjoy it in the same way that you did. To fill it with their family and continue creating warm memories. When you get down to the […]

Investing in Your Health Now Can Help Your Wealth Later

Recently a couple of different studies conducted in both the medical and financial fields have discovered a link between physical health and financial health. The studies have found that people that give attention to their physical health seem to have a healthier financial portfolio and that these two have profound impacts to the future health […]

Today’s Retirement Plans Could Use a Shift from the 4 Percent Rule

Back in the mid-90’s the rule of thumb for retirement planning was the Four Percent Rule. This rule was authored in 1994 by a financial advisor, basically stating that retirees should plan to withdraw about four percent from their retirement funds per year to live on with an inflation adjustment each year. This was projected […]

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