Multop’s Featured Client – May 2018

Multop’s Featured Client

Chris Pomeroy – Firefighter & Avid Outdoorsman

Growing up on a dairy farm in Custer, WA, Chris had every intention of following in his father’s footsteps to become a dairy farmer. However, that all changed at the age of 17 after he witnessed a neighbor’s devastating house fire. Despite the best efforts of the local fire department, sadly two people perished during the fire. After that, Chris was plagued with the question, “If I had been on the fire department that day, could I have made a difference?” He then made the decision to join the local volunteer fire department. He soon discovered he loved everything they had to offer and decided to make a career of it. Chris has been a professional firefighter for 32 years.

Chris currently works on the North Slope of Alaska as an Assistant Fire Chief for the Greater Prudhoe Bay Fire Department and has loved it for 19 years. He and his team provide fire protection and EMS to the BP refinery and numerous industrial sites, along with services to man camps, the Town of Deadhorse, the airport, Dalton Highway and beyond. “Each and every type of firefighting has its own special hazards. What makes our department unique up here is that we are truly an “All-Hazards” department.” Chris explains.

Like all firefighting jobs, it is important to be prepared for the worst-case scenario which takes a lot of time and constant training. For Chris’s team, they use live-fire training with flammable liquids and gases, along with medical training on a regular basis. A vast majority of the team is also trained to the OSHA HazMat Operations level and a sub-portion is trained as HazMat technicians. So when a fire involves oil spills or loss of containment, they are prepared to cover both issues in one fell swoop. In Chris’s words, “I believe Industrial fires pose the greatest danger to us as responders, as they can change in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, these are extremely rare events, but we train as if one is going to happen tomorrow.”

Chris is also known for being an “Unconventional Firefighter”. When asked to elaborate, he responded, “I guess I am kinda known for saying “Let’s try it!”. I never, ever, dismiss an idea from someone when we are training, if there is a 1% chance it might work… I strongly encourage our firefighters and officers to do the same, and challenge the status quo.”

Across the board, firefighters are known to work hard and put the best interest of others above their own, even at a moment’s notice. But most in this field would agree that they do not see themselves as heroes. Their jobs are often routine, and often times monotonous. However, because of people like Chris, who put themselves in the position to be called into dangerous situations all the time, the rest of us can sleep easier at night knowing they are on duty.

When he’s not putting out fires in Alaska, Chris enjoys spending time in the great outdoors hunting and fishing! Born and raised in Whatcom County, Chris takes any chance he can to go outside and enjoy the beautiful PNW. But one of his favorite moments was a few years ago in Cabo Mexico where he and his crew hooked a 230 pound Blue Marlin! What a rush! Pictured, Chris shows off another big catch; a 200-pound halibut off of Vancouver Island.

However many amazing experiences Chris has had hunting and fishing, hands down his favorite time was hunting with his son (pictured is Scout-age 14) when he shot his first Elk.

One could expect that someone such as Chris with so much hunting knowledge would have a couple of great recipes in his back pocket, and as a matter of fact, he does! Chris generously agreed to share with all of us one of his all-time favorite duck recipes!

Multop Financial has had the privilege of serving Chris Pomeroy for five years. Not only is he a valued tax and investment client, but he is also a true friend to the firm and greatly respected amongst his peers.

Bacon-Wrapped Duck Breasts

As told by: Chris Pomeroy

“I never much liked Duck until my good friends, Jim & Mary Green, shared this simple recipe.”

(Be advised, I don’t measure a darn thing)

  • Soak fresh duck breasts overnight in salt water.
  • Cut into 1.5″ cubes
  • Marinate in a solution of: 50% Balsamic Vinegar / 50% Olive oil, + a little Montreal Steak seasoning or salt if you prefer.
  • Marinade for about 4 hrs.
  • Wrap those little buggers in Skinny Pig (Bacon) and BBQ them until Medium Rare. Don’t over-cook them!

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