Multop Financial Joins Forces With Clarity Capital Management

Multop Financial is pleased to announce the affiliation with Clarity Capital Management in Kent, WA. Together with our new partners and new president Matthew Bumstead, owner of Clarity Capital, we have assembled a trusted team of consummate independent financial advisors who can provide you with the resources and services essential for a stable financial future.

We commend Clarity Capital’s path to excellence for all who work with them. Clarity has a defined and proven process called the “pathway to Clarity” which we invite all who work or will work with Clarity to experience. Part of the Pathway to Clarity is what the team at Clarity Capital calls the three C’s of Clarity: a Complimentary Initial Consultation, a Custom Retirement & Investment Strategy and a Comprehensive Financial Plan.  Furthermore, their three core principles of a Client-Centered Approach, Comprehensive Guidance, and Personal Attention are in accordance with Multop Financial’s approach of addressing all aspects of our clients’ financial planning and navigating their journey toward financial confidence.

As our new president has stated, Multop Financial and Clarity Capital Management are “two very strong teams coming together” to provide you with sound financial planning and advice in order to make your future clearer.