Tax Planning

Tax planning is integral to maximizing and managing your wealth. And key to wealth management is having a financial plan that not only takes into consideration ways to reduce tax outlays in the long term, but how much you need to pay now and in the future. A good tax plan also takes into account […]

Estate Planning

A thorough estate plan includes a host of family essentials, including gifting and estate transfer, end of life planning, guardianship of underage children, asset stewardship, philanthropic desires, and more. As each plays a significant role in the estate planning process, it is critical to evaluate all of these components carefully and comprehensively. Estate Planning with […]

Wealth Management

We craft our financial services to offer custom-blended portfolios, on-going monitoring and focus on tax saving opportunities.

Refinery Retirement Services

Refinery Retirement Planning

Here at Multop Financial, we tailor our investment advice and portfolio structures for oil and gas industry employees so that you may customize your options.

CPA & Tax Expertise Services

Dedicated to quality service, our tax and accounting department is comprised of three Enrolled Agents and three CPAs with Masters Degrees in Taxation.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio analysis is the ability to analyze a range of investments: mutual funds, individual equities, fixed-income instruments, cash-equivalent

Retirement Planning

A variety of tax-advantaged retirement plans are available today that aim to help you build the wealth you need to live the retirement lifestyle that you desire.

Financial Advisors, Accountants, Income Tax Specialists.

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