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A Helping Hand

Getting to know Client and ARCO/BP Retiree, Joseph Wilson, and his wife, Robin.

We would like you to meet Joseph and Robin Wilson. We are inspired by their passion and we believe you will be, too.

Joe Wilson, explains, there are many people in this world who take for granted their comfortable lives and the opportunities they have been given. They forget that it’s the simple things in life that keep someone young. The beauty in living in the United States is that we are given the right to live our lives how we see fit. We sometimes forget that there are many others out there, much less fortunate than ourselves.

Joe and Robin are taking full advantage of the opportunity to give back to others; choosing to spend their retirement traveling, volunteering on mission trips overseas, as well as doing charity work within the community here at home.

One of their more recent mission trips was to Haiti. They were initially introduced to Haiti through a short term mission trip in 2004 where they immediately felt a strong connection with the Haitian people. Joe with an orphan child.Robin and Joe began working with their home church in Bellingham to help meet the basic needs of a group of children living in a Haitian-run orphanage in a small village north of St. Marc.

Over the next eight years they made numerous trips back to the orphanage. With the strong support from many Whatcom County families, enough funds were raised to provide the children with food, medicine, drinking water, sanitation, and clothing. There were also several building projects, including a new church, classrooms, various shelters and an orphanage building. From the time they started helping the orphanage, the number of students in the school grew from 35 to more than 750. Each child at the school received a daily hot lunch. Robin taught herself how to read and write in Haitian Creole and enjoys volunteering from home translating the many letters between the Haitian children and their US sponsors.

Through the work in Haiti, Joe and Robin are more in tune with the importance of helping people with their basic needs (food, clothing, shelter, etc.), but avoid creating a situation where the recipients become dependent upon outside gifts. Too often, in spite of their best intentions, compassionate giving teaches the recipients to rely on others for their very survival. In the long term, it can do potentially more harm than good.

In 2011 Robin and Joe began looking for a local ministry that more closely matched their true compassion philosophy. A friend told them about the Lighthouse Mission Ministries in Bellingham and how they epitomize that philosophy in their ministry to the homeless in our community. After hearing about the ministry, Joe and Robin began volunteering to help serve dinners and discovered the mission provides so much more than just hot meals and beds. Through compassionate services, they work to rescue, rebuild and restore the lives of their guests so that when they leave the mission, they are better equipped than when they arrived. The Lighthouse Mission believes in “housing next.” Before the housing step, the person first needs to address the issues that caused their homelessness, otherwise the solutions will be nothing more than Band-Aids.

As time has progressed, Joe and Robin discovered each person at the Lighthouse shelter has their own unique story. Some are homeless because of poor choices; others may be dealing with a short term financial hardship. A large number suffer from mental illness. They are pleased to announce that in the past year the Lighthouse gave shelter equaling to over 50,000 bed-nights. 5,200 of those bed-nights were for women, and another 2,500 were children. Seven of the women at the shelter gave birth to babies in the past six months.

Since being introduced to the ministry, Joe decided to volunteer even more of his time and for the past two years has had the privilege of being on the Mission’s Board where he currently serves as Treasurer. Some recent words the Lighthouse Mission guests have used to describe their stay are, “Stronger; Found; Hopeful; Joyful; Assertive rather than a doormat; Friend; Child of God; Confident; Christian; Thriving, not just surviving.” Those are words that represent changed lives. If you are interested in learning more about the ministry please feel free to contact them directly at (360) 733-5120.

At Multop Financial we salute Joe and Robin Wilson. We would like to say thank you for your business and that it has been an absolute honor to serve as your retirement advisory team.

How to Smoke Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

Tyler Ryan’s Family Recipe

Salmon lovers have their own family recipes for smoking salmon, but for the Ryan family, this is a favorite- the most simple with the most flavorful results. Matt Ryan, Tyler Ryan’s father, came across this recipe years ago while working as a fisherman in Alaska. He found that even the most complex recipe never turned out as good as this simple preparation. We thought with the holiday season just around the corner, there is nothing more useful than smoked salmon for entertaining. We hope you and your family enjoy their recipe, our favorite here at Multop Financial.

Ingredients (8-10 lbs. Salmon):

2 Cups – White Sugar (brown sugar is okay)
2 Cups – Non-Iodized Salt


Combine Sugar and Salt in bowl. Mix well. Once the dry-rub has been prepared, rub over the meat side of the salmon. Not necessary to rub any onto the skin. Let stand for 2 hours with dry-rub. Once done, rinse the rub off. Let stand at room temperature for an additional 30 minutes.

In the meantime, prepare the smoker and the racks to a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit for best results. We recommend using Alder chips for smoking.

Leave in the smoker at 120 degrees for 7 hours. When complete you will have prepared very moist salmon with a soft feel to it. If you prefer a more dry smoked salmon we recommend either turning the temperature up to 140 degrees or sticking the fish in the fridge over night to pull some of the moisture out.

When smoking such a large batch, it’s important to know how to store, we recommend vacuum sealing the salmon once it’s had a little time to cool, then storing it in the freezer.

Serve with crackers, capers, red onion and cream cheese. Or drop chunks of smoked salmon into your favorite pasta or salad dish. A quick, healthy meal, and something special for the holiday season.
We would like to thank Matt and Margie Ryan for sharing this “secret” recipe.

Multop Financial Team Focus

Lauryn Peugh – Client Services Assistant

We are pleased to feature, Lauryn Peugh, our Financial Services Assistant. She has become a key member of our advisory team here at Multop Financial and due to her recent noteworthy accomplishments, she has been selected as our team member focus.

Lauryn began working closely with Aretha Allen, our Client Services Manager two years ago and since that time she has acquired her Life and Disability licenses, and the most recent accomplishment, her Securities 7 registration. With Aretha coming close to maternity leave in November, Lauryn is ready to assist our clients in more depth. She will not only provide further support to our Financial Planning department, but will be able to answer questions regarding your accounts, and assist with the transfer and allocation process.

Lauryn graduated from Central Washington University with a Bachelors of Science in Business with an emphasis in Finance. Her background in sales, marketing and customer service has played a vital role in her success at Multop Financial since 2012. She was quickly promoted to the Financial Services Assistant position, where she could put her customer service and finance skills to great use.

On a more personal note, Lauryn is getting married in May! We would like to give big congratulations to her and her fiancé Kyle Vogt.

Thank you Lauryn for all of the hard work over the last couple years, we appreciate your presence as a member of our team!

If you have any questions about your current situation or would like to schedule an appointment with our team of Financial Planning Specialists please feel free to click here or contact our office directly at (360) 671-7891.

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