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The Fish That Didn’t Get Away A True Blue Marlin Story
As told by Ted Newman

I woke up early in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on Cinco De Mayo ready for deep sea fishing. I, along with my fellow advisor Tyler Ryan and our client Ron Fite made our way to Los Cabo Harbor to board the Guerita II 32″ Bertram boat. Tyler had fished aboard the Guerita II during a previous trip with great success, so we had high hopes.

Upon our arrival, we were told that because of rough seas and 6-10 foot waves, the Harbor Master may not let any boats go fishing. We waited in suspense for the final word as we watched the waves crash against the rocks.

At 7:15, we were given the go-ahead and we boarded the fully-stocked boat. Our captain, Jesus, was said to be an expert in the local waters and his deckhand Gabriel was an active helper. We cast six lines out around the boat at various distances and depths.

We had our minds set on catching tuna, and thought we were on the right track. After some time, the crew found a school of porpoises that we followed but there were no tuna to be found. We decided it was time to head further away from shore and to seek Marlin.

After making our way to deeper waters, Jesus and Gabriel spotted several large Marlin from their position on the bridge of the boat! They quickly brought all six lines in front of them and we focused in on our new targets.

In what felt like an instant, we had a fish on! Ron jumped into the fishing chair and started to reel, reel reel under the direction of deckhand Gabriel. Ron steadily reeled him in until…he took the hook and swam away. We felt the sting of disappointment after what had now been hours without a catch.

Our disappointment however was short lived, as 10 minutes later we had another fish on! This time, I was the one to jump in the chair. I was given the pole and instructed to keep it up and let the marlin run for a bit. I happily followed the expert’s advice and my anticipation built at the thrill of the chase. Next, Gabriel told me pull the pole slowly toward me then reel down quickly, bringing the marlin closer and closer in. Tyler was in his element, offering me helpful instruction from his years of deep sea fishing experience. All the while, I could feel the weight of the fish resisting in the water. I couldn’t tell just how large he was, but he was putting up a fight.

The slow and steady method brought the marlin in close enough to really see, then he took off again! I really had to reel him in hard to get him close enough to gaff…but then he took off again! The third time was the charm and we did it! We boated the 200 pound Blue Marlin amidst high-fives and pure awe.

This is my biggest catch, and I’ll always remember that day on the water. I give special thanks to all that helped me catch this wonderful marlin.


Multop Financial Team Focus

Announcing Our Junior Team Member

Proud first-time parents Aretha Allen and Tyler Ryan announce the birth of their daughter Camille Grace Ryan.

Camille was born at 11:45 AM on February 1. Weighing 7 pounds, 15 ounces and 21 inches tall, Camille has brought endless joy to her family from the beginning. Aretha and Tyler are happy to report that Camille is enjoying all sorts of activities with Mom and Dad as she grows and learns quickly. They are also well-rested as Camille is sleeping through the night!

Welcome Camille Grace Ryan!

Multop Financial Offers More Great Service Through Dedicated Staff

We are pleased to introduce Development Coordinator, Kristin Costanza, to the Multop Financial Team! Kristin will be working to expand our wealth management and tax services to new clientele through increased communication, networking and community events. Her many years of experience in the marketing and development arena are a welcome addition to Multop Financial as we expand our efforts to connect with our clients and the community. Kristin is very excited to join the Multop Financial team, and to meet you! She sends you a standing invitation to come in for a latte and a tour of the office with a friend or family member who would like an introduction to our firm and the roster of services we offer. Welcome Kristin!

After more than a year of service here at Multop Financial, Lauryn Peugh will be lending her administrative skills to our financial planning department by way of support to our advisory team and wealth management clients. Lauryn has been involved in all aspects of the firm over the past year, and has found her niche as the Client Service Assistant working closely with Aretha and Ted, and serving as our point-of contact-person with Cetera Advisors, LLC. Lauryn’s overall knowledge of how our firm operates and being able to step in to any department at any time is a valuable attribute that we appreciate, and we know you will, too.

We are lucky to have both of these talented professionals as part of our team, and hope you have a chance to say Hello to each of them next time you visit the office.

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