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Multop Financial Hobby Highlight

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams.

Barbara & Ray Littlefield – How they learned about the important things in life …

For this month’s client profile, we had planned to feature Barbara Littlefield’s work with Brigadoon Youth and Service Dog Program (www.brigadoondogs.com). But we quickly learned that her attention this month has been on the devastating events happening thousands of miles away. Haiti. And when you hear her story, you’ll understand why. It’s not a hobby, but rather a calling.

Several years ago, Barbara embarked on a mission trip to Haiti. When she arrived there, she visited two orphanages. Barbara specifically remembers the first day they arrived at one of the orphanages, it had been days since the children had eaten. But the Haitians insisted that their guests eat first, and would not serve themselves until each missionary had eaten a full meal. The gratitude demonstrated by the Haitian people could not be put into words. Barbara was completely in awe of their hospitality considering their desperate living conditions. Since that trip, and with the help and dedication of Cornwall Church, a drinking well for the children has since been established.

When Barbara saw the news on January 12, 2010 she was shocked and mortified. She wondered if the people she knew, including the three orphans she sponsors, were safe. Barbara provides us with this report: “Hundreds lost their lives, but we have received word that all of “our” children are okay. They are living in the yard because the school walls are cracked and unsafe, but we are relieved to know they survived. We are now trying to find a way to get tents down to the orphanage, but that will take some time. Our biggest loss so far is regarding the Haitian man who serves as our interpreter when we visit the country. He has lost six of his family members. For us personally, the positive news is that the orphans we know and love have survived. But our prayers go out to the families who have lost theirs.”

Barbara & Ray LittlefieldNow turning to a lighter note; in 2000, Barbara and her then-future-husband, Ray Littlefield, traveled to Tanzania. Ray proposed to Barbara on this trip, in front of 30 Tanzanians. According to Tanzanian traditions, the groom is required to provide the bride’s family with a prize in order to allow the groom to marry their daughter. The Tanzanians decided that Barbara’s parents should receive two cows and five goats in receipt of their daughter. Barbara now explains jokingly that Ray never followed through with the bridal prize. However, Barbara’s parents have never complained – their hometown of Bellevue isn’t the best place for a herd of livestock!

Barbara explains that the most rewarding part of her missionary work is making children smile knowing that their empty stomachs are being filled with food and knowing you have played a part in improved their living conditions. She shares, “It’s an honor to earn their trust, and to be able to help – not enough, but some.”

Ray Littlefield is on the Mission Board at Cornwall Church. If you are interested in supporting missionary work in Haiti or other countries, you can contact him to learn more (360) 383-9036. The Littlefields explain how their Missionary work has been the most humbling experience of their lives and how it has changed their perception of what is important. Barbara and Ray currently sponsor six orphans, three Haitians, two Tanzanians and one Indian child from Calcutta. Multop Financial is honored to provide tax and financial planning services to the Littlefields, and applaud their humanitarian efforts.

Business Beacon

“Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” –Harvey MacKay.

Faith Bult, DDS

Bright, comfortable, state-of-the-art; those would be a few words that come to mind when you walk into Dr. Faith Bult’s dental clinic in Bellingham. Then you meet Dr. Bult and your “trip to the dentist nerves” disappear as you notice her level of professionalism and the sincere care she offers her patients. You notice the staff; they are warm, friendly, and operating at the top of their game. Looking around the practice, you notice fun colors, emphasis on family and recreation, and of course an underlying message to take care of your smile!

Faith Bult was born in Michigan, the oldest of five children. As the daughter of a Pastor, she would often visit the elderly population of her community, and soon developed a fascination with dentures. That fascination with people’s smiles never diminished, and after attending college she received her Registered Dental Hygienist degree. A few years into the profession, she returned to school , attending Indiana University School of Dentistry (Doctor of Dental Surgery).

Faith’s husband, Dan (her college sweetheart!) plays an important role as the business consultant for the dental practice, and together they are involved in many community programs; Washington Oral Health Foundation, Whatcom Humane Society, The American Dental Association’s “Give Kids A Smile” program, Little League Baseball, Bellingham Fluoride Initiative, Lake Samish Fire Department, Interfaith Coalition, and many more. The latest Halloween candy drive resulted in over 500 pounds of candy collected and sent to the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. The kids who gave up their Halloween candy received blinking toothbrushes, meal coupons for Red Robin, and one dollar for every pound of candy they donated. And every child was able to sign a card for the Troops.

Keep your eye out for the Bults on the jogging and hiking trails of Whatcom County; they love spending free time outdoors with their gorgeous dogs. In the summer months they like to relax with friends and family as they enjoy the scenic view from their deck, and waterskiing and tubing with nieces and nephews on Lake Samish.

The Bult’s dedication to their patients and the obvious commitment to professionalism and continuing education have yielded a successful practice and hundreds of beautiful smiles here in Bellingham. We encourage our Bellingham clients to visit Dr. Bult if you are ready for a positive dental care experience from one of the most skilled (and stylish) dentists in town!

Multop Financial is pleased to have offered financial and tax planning advice to Dan and Faith for the past few years. www.drfaithbult.com (360) 715-3333

Multop Financial Team Focus

Get to know Andrew Knox …

Never ever doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has. -Margaret Mead

Also known as Drew, it’s his second year with the firm and it’s like he’s been here forever! You have probably already met Andrew at the office, either while he was lending a hand in the front office during tax season or assisting at one of our economic events this past year. He is a valuable part of our financial planning department, working as a development assistant with Tyler and Aretha as he finishes up his licensing requirements. Andrew’s Economic degree was earned at WWU in 2008.

If you have chatted with Andrew, either in person or on the phone, you would have noticed his relaxed, calm demeanor. Evidently he leaves that easy-going attitude at the office when the weekend arrives, and is overtaken with the thrill of mountain- climbing, snowboarding, surfing, motocross and other wild adventures. His recreational goal for the next five years is to climb every active volcano between Mt. Baker and Mt. Hood, then descend each one on his snowboard.

Born in Maui, and still enjoying regular visits back to visit his Dad’s side of the family, Drew has not lost his love for sunshine and beaches, even though the snow sports of the Pacific Northwest have captured his interest.


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