Financial advisors engage in a wide variety of financial areas, including tax return preparation and tax planning for their clients. Many, but not all, financial advisors specialize in tax issues and provide comprehensive tax advice to their clients, including tax problem resolution, tax planning, and return preparation as well as preparing estate, gift, and trust tax […]

Do Financial Advisors Prepare Tax Returns for Clients?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which passed more than 30 years ago, made it illegal to deny job opportunities to people based on their disabilities, mandated “reasonable accommodations” to make buildings accessible, and required most private businesses to offer equal service to disabled customers. About 61 million people in the United States — one […]

Why Small Businesses Should Pay Attention to Accessibility

One of the most prominent economic stories of the past year has been the supply shortage of semiconductors. As COVID-19 shut down chip making facilities across the globe, and consumers shifted their consumption from services to goods, the resulting combination created an unprecedented shortage of semiconductors that has affected everything from the automobile market to […]

No Demand for Semiconductor Stocks