(Originally published in Wealth Point, June 2018 – updated February 2020 to include SECURE Act provisions) Article Summary Many of us fill out a beneficiary designation form for our retirement accounts. But it’s important to consider how your beneficiaries will receive these assets. With the SECURE Act changes, effective as of January 2020 and now […]

Can Retirement Trusts Help Protect Beneficiaries?

Article Highlights: Education Benefits Education, Teachers and Educators Child Tax Credit Child & Dependent Care Tax Credit Earned Income Tax Credit for Childless Workers Paid Family Leave Health Insurance Corporate Tax Rate Individual Marginal Tax Rates Capital Gains Tax Basis Step-up Carried Interest Like-kind Exchange for Real Estate Excess Business Losses Medicare Tax Tax Preparer […]

How Biden’s Proposed American Families Plan Might Affect You

Back in the mid-90’s the rule of thumb for retirement planning was the Four Percent Rule. This rule was authored in 1994 by a financial advisor, basically stating that retirees should plan to withdraw about four percent from their retirement funds per year to live on with an inflation adjustment each year. This was projected […]

Today’s Retirement Plans Could Use a Shift from the 4 Percent Rule

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On December 19th, 2019, the U.S. Senate approved a bill called the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act or the SECURE Act which became law on January 1st, 2020. This bill includes significant provisions to improve the state of retirement security for all Americans by helping you gain increased access to tax-advantaged accounts […]

SECURE Act: How Does It Affect Your Retirement Planning

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Due to the current global pandemic, numerous businesses have been seriously affected and either had to downsize by laying off employees or even close their doors permanently. This is especially true for organizations that were experiencing significant financial issues prior to the pandemic. Unfortunately, Alcoa’s Intalco Works aluminum smelter near Ferndale in Whatcom County is […]

Lost Your Job Or Laid Off? What You Need To Know About Managing Your Retirement Plan

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Who doesn’t look forward to their “Golden Years”? We can’t wait to be free of the shackles of work and finally relax and enjoy our life! Well, unless you are extremely wealthy and have numerous sources of income that will continue flowing even after your retirement, you need to take the time to plan carefully […]

The 3 Greatest Mistakes You Must Avoid Before Retirement

Saving Money

At Multop Financial, we believe that retirement planning was “once a luxury for a few, now a necessity for all.” Naturally, this means that you need to understand that you have to keep in mind that saving money should be one of your top priorities – which is something many people don’t really want to […]

Two Simple And Effective Ways To Save For The Future

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Deciding when to apply for your Social Security benefits is not as simple as it may seem. For the average retiree, Social Security consists of a large portion of his or her income so it’s important for you to take time and ideally consult a retirement planning advisor who will help you make more appropriate decisions […]

Have You Considered When To Take Your Social Security Benefits?

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No matter how well you think you are prepared for the retirement milestone, you really won’t understand how much your life will change unless you experience it first hand. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to listen to the advice of individuals who have been retired for some time and, of course, your trusted financial advisors who […]

Four Important Retirement Planning Considerations