Financial advisors engage in a wide variety of financial areas, including tax return preparation and tax planning for their clients. Many, but not all, financial advisors specialize in tax issues and provide comprehensive tax advice to their clients, including tax problem resolution, tax planning, and return preparation as well as preparing estate, gift, and trust tax […]

Do Financial Advisors Prepare Tax Returns for Clients?

When a loved one passes away and leaves assets to beneficiaries, those assets may be subject to an inheritance tax, depending on the location of the deceased and their relationship to the inheritor. Inheritance tax is imposed by the state in which the decedent lived—only six states currently impose it—and is the responsibility of the […]

What You Need to Know About Inheritance Tax

Legislation moving through Congress this fall would sharply reduce the current estate-tax exemption amounts and create several other changes. Here’s why—and how—you should act quickly to stay prepared. Estate taxes have usually affected only the very wealthy at death. While the limits on the monetary value that a decedent can exempt from estate taxes routinely […]

Preparing for the Impact of President Biden’s Tax Plan on Estate Planning

(Originally published in Wealth Point, June 2018 – updated February 2020 to include SECURE Act provisions) Article Summary Many of us fill out a beneficiary designation form for our retirement accounts. But it’s important to consider how your beneficiaries will receive these assets. With the SECURE Act changes, effective as of January 2020 and now […]

Can Retirement Trusts Help Protect Beneficiaries?