2018 Tax Fact Sheet

Memo from our Tax Department:

We are still absorbing the facts and determining the bottom line results for our clients with regards to the 2018 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act. We have summarized some of the key points in the attached Tax Fact Sheet, but it is literally a case-by-case situation with regards to comparing how your 2017 tax return will differ from your 2018 return.

During your preparation meeting this tax season, our advisors will be able to estimate any significant changes in your bottom line for 2018, but we also encourage post-tax-season planning in order to give yourself the best possible outcome in the coming year. In the meantime, please read and review our Tax Fact Sheet by clicking the image below.

The variables are vast, the thresholds are subtle; all meaning that now more than ever, tax planning is essential to every family and business owner — some will experience tax benefits, some won’t. With regards to retirement and wealth planning, our financial team can work with you to find that sweet spot – the appropriate fund distribution for your lifestyle while being sensitive to the new tax exemption and deduction rates.

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